Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I am very grateful to be a recipient of these scholarships. The funds that ASCEF is providing will cover two semesters of my education and help make my career change into automotive industry possible.

Chris Mark, 2022 ASCEF Scholarship Recipient
Alan& Dee Cherko Magan  Cruz-Wingo
Bill Schoneman Memorial Chloe Thang
Brucer Cameron Memorial Erica Smith
Donald Dirks Memorial Kendall Johnston
Dwain & Carol Bartels Scholarship Kiona Kupstas
Ed Harris Memorial Gabriel Cano
Jack Heyler Memorial Sean Theron
Jim Hunt Memorial Tomoko Yoshizumi
Jim Hunt Memorial Brandon Schlaack
Elmer Backen Memorial Omero Guerrero
Jim and Maxine Jones Trevor Tate
Past Presidents – ASCEF An Nghiep Nguyen
Past Presidents – ASCCA Krystina Colon
Sheldon Miller Memorial Daniel Virgen
Sheldon Miller Memorial Defeng Piao
Steve Lustig Memorial Silvia Flores
Gary Villa Kiona Kupstas
Undesignated Fund James Imperio
Undesignated Fund Jazmine Counts
Undesignated Fund Andres Geurts-Barreto
Undesignated Fund Griffin Ressler
Undesignated Fund Alex  Sanchez
Undesignated Fund James Clark
Denise Johnson Scholarship – Chap 5 Trevor Tate
Denise Johnson Scholarship – Chap 5 Daxin Li
Past President – Chapter 5 Daniel Virgen
James Justus Chapter 24 Krystina Colon
James Justus Chapter 24 Griffin Ressler
Chapter 24 Scholarship Fund David Barrios-Diaz
Chapter 24 Scholarship Fund Erick Montero
Chapter 48 – Chuck Overby Daniel Virgen
Chapter 48 – Chuck Overby Alex Martinez
Chapter 20 – Jeff Stich Memorial Magan  Cruz-Wingo
Chapter 20 – Jeff Stich Memorial Jairo Martin


The 2024 scholarship application is now closed. The 2025 scholarship application will open in October.