The ASC Educational Foundation was created by the Women’s Auxiliary of ASCCA. The women, wanting to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students wishing to develop a career in the automotive field, began by raising money raffling off handmade quilts.

Some 20-years later, ASCEF has grown into an organization that provides educational and training opportunities, scholarships and endowments in the field of automotive repair and maintenance.

Through the incredible generosity of our donors, ASCEF has been changing the lives of hundreds of students wanting to pursue a career in the automotive field. The funds raised provide scholarships and support sustainable training programs throughout California. Whether you are a professional in the automotive aftermarket or someone who wants to help young people develop careers in automotive technology, ASCEF is a great way to help make a difference!

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  • The Bruce Cameron Memorial scholarship I received through ASCEF is the reason I am able to attend one of the few universities in the country that offers my major. This scholarship, along with another, paid for the out-of-state tuition that I could never afford on my own. Thanks to the generosity of others I will continue my education in the automotive repair industry, be able to provide for my family, and give back to the community.

    Perla Veloz, Ferris State University
  • As a part time job I work at an independent automotive shop. Part of my job is to diagnose and work on cars at the same time I am learning something new. With the scholarship I was able to purchase tools that I can use at work. The scholarship gave me a better opportunity to apply my skills outside of school. The difference between school and work is that I have all the tools to diagnose at school but not nearly enough to learn at work.

    Michael Bui, DeAnza College
  • Winning a scholarship from ASCEF has help me advance my education by helping me pay for classes at my local college that offers automotive training courses. I wasn't able to afford my first year of college before earning the scholarship and had to borrow.  Thank you ASCEF for everything, you guys made my college experience more enjoyable and less stressful and I'm so happy being able to take more automotive classes!

    Joel Kumparak, DeAnza College

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To support and encourage technical education and training for the automotive industry through scholarships, endowments, career development and other Industry inspired programs.

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