When will I receive the tax deduction form?

You will receive your 1098C tax deduction form immediately after the sale of the vehicle.

Which forms do I need to complete and return?

Our online form provides the information we need to process your donation.

Will a tow truck be sent to pick up my vehicle and if so, is pickup free?


Will a copy of the title suffice?

No, we must have the original document.

What if I can’t locate the title?

Call us, one of our donation experts will help you.

Can I donate a motorcycle, RV or Boat?


Can I donate a vehicle with serious body damage?


Can I donate a vehicle with an outdated registration?


Can I donate a vehicle that is not in running condition?

Yes. We will tow the vehicle free of charge.

What are the origins of the named scholarships?

The named scholarships represent the men and women of ASCCA who have had an impact on their fellow shop owners and the automotive industry in California. The named scholarships represent a dedication and legacy that has made ASCCA the largest and longest running professional automotive trade association in California.

What are the future goals of the foundation?

The ASC Educational Foundation’s goal is to be the foremost training and educational mechanism for students and those wishing to increase their technical skill level to further their careers in the automotive repair field. As the foundation grows the goals will surely increase to sustain any future opportunities to assist aspiring automotive technicians.

What does the foundation do?

The ASCEF provides educational and training opportunities, scholarships and endowments in the field of automotive repair and maintenance in the State of California.

How was the foundation formed & what is its history?

The ASC Educational Foundation was created by the Women’s auxiliary of ASCCA. Known as the ASCettes, they wanted to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students wishing to develop a career in the automotive field. The ASCettes began raising money by raffling off handmade quilts. The Foundation has grown over the years and is now directed by a seven-member Board of Trustees.

Through the incredible generosity of our donors, ASCEF has been changing the lives of hundreds of students pursuing technical education and wanting to create a career in the automotive field. The monies raised go to provide educational scholarships and support various training programs throughout the state. Many scholarship recipients have found employment opportunities in ASCCA shops – providing a great recruitment tool for current ASCCA members seeking to hire qualified technicians!