Kathy (Kass) Smith Scholarships

The Kass Smith Scholarship was created by Chapter 20, Mt Diablo to honor a woman who was extremely dedicated to and involved within the automotive community.

Kathryn Mary Smith, (Kass) was married to automotive parts supply icon, Don Smith, who has spent his entire career owning and/or working for parts supply businesses. Kass worked by Don’s side during the 30 years he owned a parts business. Kass was a joy to everyone who met her as she was full of life and spunk and always had a ready smile to brighten your day. Don’s signature trademark has always been the consultative time he offers to new and struggling businesses and Kass supported this interest of Don’s wholeheartedly, opening her home to Don’s automotive clients after a long day spent at the Parts Supply Business.

We will miss you Kass!

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