Jim Hunt Memorial

From an early age Jim Hunt had an inquisitive mind, always wanting to know more about how everything worked. At the age of 13 he got his first job in the automotive industry pumping gas, he had already been helping to keep his dad’s farm equipment and vehicles running. He took auto shop courses in high school and went on to attend automotive trade school. At the age of 25 Jim opened his first repair shop with one other mechanic. He would eventually grow the facility into a very successful auto repair, body shop and detailing operation.

After 20 years of running his own operation and learning the best way to do things through trial and error, Jim saw a need in the industry for instructors to assist owners in keeping up with the new business technology, learning effective business practices, establishing ethical practices, maintaining professionalism and preparing for laws that were on the horizon. Being a man of action he decided to sell his business and return to college to finish his formal education and preparation as a teacher for the industry.

In 1984 Jim established Educational Seminars Institute (ESI) specifically to assist independent repair shop and service station owners in becoming more successful, while leading richer, fuller lives. Jim was a firm believer in keeping the business in perspective with the rest of your life, and taught the skills and mind set needed to accomplish that goal. He was also a strong advocate for increasing professionalism and adhering to proper ethical practices. As an educator and consultant, he and his co-instructors shared winning formulas and philosophies with shop owners. Jim truly enjoyed helping others to achieve success in the face of adversity and challenge.

Jim Hunt will be remembered by the hundreds of shop owners who came in contact with him as the man who helped shape them into effective business owners and more complete human beings. The scholarships provided in his name continue his legacy as a man with a strong commitment to helping those in the industry become more successful in their chosen field.

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