Jack Heyler

Jack Heyler – He made the world a better place to breathe.

Jack Heyler owned an automotive repair shop on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles for over thirty years. The shop, which opened in 1937 by Jack’s parents

John and Emilie, was turned over to Jack in the fifties. Jack had a reputation both in the industry and in the area as someone who knew the automotive business and was a very honest business man. He proved to everyone that it was possible to run a successful, benevolent and efficient business while still making a sizable income from it.

Jack was a member of the Automotive Service Councils of California (formerly IGO) for many years and held positions on the executive committee, local and state level boards and became the first inductee into the ASC Hall of Fame. Jack also received thev prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. His work in the industry resulted in some major improvements in national and international standardization and vehicle emission control. Jack, along with John Goodman, a former ASCCA Executive Director, was the driving force behind the mandated standard OBD2 connector on vehicles today.

Very few individual people have had as much impact on the automotive industry and in striving for cleaner air by way of fewer vehicle emissions as Jack did during his long career.

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