Ed Harris

In 1967 Ed Harris opened up his first business: A Texaco service station in San Pedro, Califoria. Shortly after, he opened a second one just a few blocks from his first station. Ed then sold the two stations and opened a Texaco station in Torrance, California.


After the gas shortage in the early 1970s Ed decided to focus on auto repairs. And in 1974 he acquired a repair shop in Bellflower. At that time, it was not much of a repair shop and after cleaning it up he opened for business as Mayfair Garage. Ed, with his oldest son Jeff, was doing what he always wanted to do.


Mayfair Garage grew to the well-respected auto repair facility which it is today.


Ed joined IGO which later became ASCCA and was very active in the Mid-Cities Chapter. He served in every chapter position including Chapter President. Ed realized that ASCCA was a valuable asset, not just to his business, but to the industry as a whole. He was elected as ASCCA State President in 1986.


After serving his term as President, Ed was always available to the membership as a member of the Past Presidents Council. Ed remained active in his chapter as well, where he set up a program with a local parts wholesaler to benefit chapter members with educational classes and seminars.


Ed was a self taught professional and loved every aspect of the automotive industry.

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